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Florencia Almirón

25.03.11 - 23.04.11
Tuesday to Saturday, 12.00-18.00

Reception for the artist: Wednesday 24 March, 18.00-20.30

Florencia Almirón's show Million places to fuck subverts notions of comfort, familiarity and permanence. One might say, it fucks with these notions, in a surreal kind of way. Map (2011) is an old map of Berlin - a familiar and useful tool - onto which a fried egg has been rudely stuck; the egg will transmogrify over the course of the show. Couch (2011) is a piece of comfortable living-room furniture which has been penetrated by a scaffolding pole and thereby hoisted ecstatically off the ground; for good measure, a potted-plant-pot has been jammed into the plush upholstery. Pentagrama II (2010) is a cheapo clothes' dryer that has been taken over by large plush garish fabric worms: an imaginative housewife's worst nightmare. It stands in a room which has been papered with Sky (2011), custom-made wallpaper that perhaps reminds you of what you had for breakfast and of, well, maybe, depending how your synapses are fixed, the need to get fucking. The graphic Million places to fuck, which gives the title to the show, speaks for itself. Almirón was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; she lives and works in Berlin. In 2010 she had solo shows at Souterrain, Berlin, and Oellermann Gallery, Berlin.